about us

mission statement

CatTail Confections is a cookie business offering creative and delicious customized cookies for all types of events. The company stands for excellence in taste, presentation, and overall quality of customer service while making customer visions a reality.

the story

CatTail Confections was founded on tradition and genuine desire for cookie decorating. Here is a personal statement from the founder/owner of the company describing how the company came to be...

“Every Christmas, I looked forward to the tradition of decorating those old fashion looking sugar cookies with my mom. Eventually, I would bake up some of my own and decorate them in a whimsical manner and give them to friends and family. Later, I developed a desire to learn more about the art of sugar cookie decorating. Through a variety of classes, both in-person and on-line, practicing, studying, reading, watching videos, and searching endless cookie photos, blogs, and websites, I suddenly found that I was really into this cookie thing. Cookie decorating provides for me a creative outlet and allows me to decompress after a busy week of teaching. Designing different cookies and displays in order to meet customers’ ideas that they have in their minds and presenting to them their idea in real life is immensely satisfying. It motivates me to continue to better my craft in order to spread this sweet happiness to more and more people.”- Terri Mickels